Friday, February 1, 2008

February Net Worth (ouch)

$29,715 with a big fat zero in liabilities. Well, fine, okay, M has the mortgage on our place, but if I'm not counting the home value then I'm not counting the mortgage. And no, Citibank can't have it.

Is there any good news to losing a few thousand in a month? Well, I paid off my student loan with money from an ING CD that came due, I took out another $1,000 to pay for M and my gym membership for the year from an ING account that we save $ in every month for precisely that purpose, and the stock market has gone twister on me which means I'm forced into buying low. Waaaaay low.

It's okay, I'm not worried. Besides, I'm still on post-student-loan-payoff high :)


Ms. M&P said...

man, what a month. january decimated a lot of us. at least we're in it together!

PiggyBankBlues said...

true that! i suppose we should be happy that we even know enough to have savings to begin with... but that negative number is no fun