Wednesday, April 13, 2011

End of Hiatus

Well, after two years of sleep deprivation and the unhinged joy of parenting, I am back in the saddle. While I missed the great economic meltdown, I am sure you did not miss my commentary because, well, everyone was talking about it.

So, I will kick off with a low pressure post, nothing too fancy and nothing too serious. Freelancers Union is a free organization, a non-socialist non-state-budget-villain-of-the-year "union", if you will, that is open to freelancers in the United States. From health care to retirement, they offer competitive services for freelancers. Equally important, they are a community of freelancers who have a wealth of information that flows freely. So drink up.

They also have great educational events, and coming up on Wednesday, April 27th, is an educational webinar (no, I did not make up that word), Retirement Strategies Every Freelancer Needs to Know.

So check 'em out, and come back to PiggyBankBlues, where the not-so-nine-to-fivers build a nest egg, don't lose their shirts or their balls in the economic roller coaster, and learn about the nuts and bolts of financial planning with the over-use of the nifty hyphen. Welcome!

photo courtesy of charsplat Jeffrey Clement via flickr


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Welcome Back! We missed you.

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