Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Carnival of Money Stories Edition #61

Two posts in one day. This is what happens when I wake up at a decent hour.

So PiggyBankBlues is proud to take another stab at the Carnival of Money Stories. For those not in the know, a Carnival is basically roundup up financial bloggers doing what they do best; blogging about money. It's a good way to catch up on new bloggers and some great posts. Enjoy!


Not the Jet Set lists lessons learned from 2008 Emergencies and Expenditures: YTD.

My Dollar Plan has some helpful budgeting tips in Create Your Own Dollar Plan: Step 4.


Saving to Invest urges us in these dark times to Embrace Fear for Financial Freedom.

Financial Zip really breaks down just how to Use Investor's Business Daily as a wealth of info for investors.

The Dividend Guy has a useful chart in A Review of My Yearly Dividend Income for all you dividend investors out there.

Amateur Asset Allocator has a funny and smart post, Dear Washington: My Retirement Plan Wish List.

It covers more than just investing for retirement, but Greener Pastures has an excellent post on Four Things You Need for Retirement.

Net Worth

Free Money Finance takes stock of My Finances 10 Years Ago and Today, and we could learn a thing or two.

Five Cent Nickel also takes the 10 year plunge, and shares with us what happens when Stepping Back in Time: Our Life 10 Years Ago.

Speaking of net worth, it's not always so cut and dry a calculation. My Money Adventure tries to get a handle on how to figure out My New Net Worth


Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has a great post on How to Cut College Costs by 13% - 25%. Too bad it's a little late for me, I could've used the savings...

Chief Family Officer has some money saving advice in Review: Ebates. Check it out before the next time you shop online.

The Happy Rock does all the legwork for you tool chest shoppers in Frugal Tool Chest Tip #2: The Dynamics of Finding the Item You Want Cheaper.

Speaking of tool chests, Monroe on a Budget tells us Why You Want to Fix That Leaky Pipe, it will cost you less money sooner rather than later.

Student Loans (or not...)

This Wasn't in the Plan breaks down just why Studen Loans Aren't Always the Enemy.

Frugal Babe tells us the Best Financial Decisions I made in College, and how she managed to graduate debt free (!!).

Credit Cards

living the cheap life has A Reminder About Cash Back Credit Cards- they just might be a wise thing to have in your wallet.


Debt Diet has good reason to rejoice I'm Out of the Will!

Money and Fitness Blog is trying to cover all the bases by Switching Roles with your Spouse When Paying the Bills.

Funny about Money has a wise post that pointedly asks Are We Movin' on up? Or Not?

Are You Going To Be This Way the Rest of the Time I Know You? tells us why she went the route of a A Frugal Girl's Decidedly Not Frugal Wedding.


Out of Debt Again has an amazing story on How I Got In and Out of Debt the First Time.

I've Paid Twice For This Already has a thoughtful post on how Life Is Meant to be Lived, a little perspective while trying to manage finances and debt at the same time.

And for a little bit of lightness in a heavy category, The DebtFree Playbook Blog has a funny post How Not to Clear Your Debt.


My $mall C€nts brings us a first hand report on Consumerism in France and America (Part Three).

Harvesting Dollars has a story in Kroger Gift Card Program Resolved that reminds us to be careful purchasing those gift cards.

And last but not least, categorical crossover The Baglady has some fine pointers (and analogies) on Mastering the Game of Money.

A big thank you to all the participants!


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