Sunday, December 9, 2007

Library Fodder Roundup 2007

The New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2007 has been out for a week now, and I've been thinking all week that I must have a yen for unnotables. Bringing you PiggyBankBlues 100 Nugatory Books of 2007... Well, see, I can't even remember them because they were so nugatory. Avid readers of this blog (both of you) already know I pillage such lists and click on the catalog of the Brooklyn Public Library (or the NYPL), and request a book of interest to be delivered to my local branch. A lot of libraries let you hold books online, not just NYC's, so check out your local library's website.

But back to the nugatory. Fellow blogging buddy Tenured Radical scanned the list as well to tally up how many hits she had, so I am not the only one keeping track. Like her, I only have read 4 out of 100. Maybe I was reading 2004 notables? Well, okay, so once a month I read a quote unquote fast paced thriller. Not so notable. But other than that I tend to lean towards literary fiction. Anyway, enough about me, my sagging bookshelf is starting to feel insecure.

So here's a roundup of best books of 2007 lists. Save yourself some money, whip out your library card more often than your credit card, and blow hours and hours of 2008 catching up on the best of 2007.

New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2007

Publisher's Weekly Best Books of the Year

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Best Books of 2007

Book Sense 2007 Picks Highlights

The Washington Post Holiday Guide- best books of 2007

The Economist Books for the Year 2007

Paste Magazine Signs of Life 2007: Best Books

Boston Globe Best Fiction and Nonfiction Books of 2007

National Book Critics Circle Best Recommended 2007

Christian Science Monitor The 2007 Books We Liked Best: Fiction

LA Times The Joy of Reading: Favorite Books of 2007

The Village Voice The Best of 2007


SavingDiva said...

Wow! Magazines/Newspapers love to make top 100/top 10/worst possible 10 lists! :)

PiggyBankBlues said...

LOL, i know, i even had to weed out a few! soon the radio will only be multi-day programs like the top 500 songs of 2007...