Wednesday, October 24, 2007

99 Cents

Top 10 things you can buy with 99 cents.

10. Three fourths of one item at any 99cent store in the city, since for some reason nothing is really 99 cents.

9. A 6 month CD at ING earning 5.00%. And then you can be like Look, two extra pennies!

8. A lovely oil painting on eBay, kind of like felt art but without the felt...

7. Homemade lollipops on Craigslist.

6. A bag of glass globs to make, um, stained glass globs windows.

5. Several attempts at trying to use a public payphone because you forgot your cell at home. Of couse, the pay phone eats your quarters without making the call, and you probably have a staph infection despite your best efforts to levitate the earpiece.

4. Food-in-quotations at various fast food joints off their 99cent menu.

3. Something you probably don't need but simply can't pass up at a stoop sale that, yes, is still going on in October because Al Gore warned us there'd be days like this.

2. A US dollar with 99 cents Canadian.

And last but not least, numero uno, you can download Alicia Keys' latest song, No One on iTunes and become near deaf. Like me. Because I've been playing it on repeat for the past hour while trying to figure out if it was possible to write about Alicia Keys on a personal finance blog...

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