Tuesday, October 16, 2007

YouTube Pirating DOA

Google, the parent company of YouTube (you may have missed the news of the $1.65 billion dollar sale, some rocks do fit humans underneath), announced that it has new technology to catch those pesky pirates. You want to see the one and only funny SNL skit to come out this year? You better head over to NBC's site, because some handheld cameraman shooting the TV screen just went out of business.
    "To help keep their videos off YouTube, media companies may need to give their videos to YouTube. YouTube parent Google Inc.'s long-promised method for reducing piracy, unveiled Monday, relies on TV networks, movie studios and other content owners to provide the video-sharing service with master copies of their videos. YouTube won't post those videos. Rather, it plans to use software to find unique characteristics in the clips so it can detect copies posted by YouTube users without permission. Media companies can ask Google to automatically delete every unauthorized copy -- or to slap ads on the clips and promote them."

Hmmm, let's see if the new technology is up and running yet...