Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Library Fodder

If you are craving a good book to read, and want to add it to your library list, The National Book Award finalists are always a good place to start. Just the other day I put Denis Johnson's "Tree of Smoke" on my library request list. Hopefully, I beat the crowd.

When the last Harry Potter came out I happened to be checking out books at the Central Library in Brooklyn. Behind the lady scanning my books was a wall of Harry Potters. Normally books on hold are not behind the counter but out on the hold shelves. "How long's the wait?" I asked out of curiosity. "Two years." I looked at her for a sign of humor. "You kidding me?" She smiled and handed me my books. "Nope."


Ms. M&P said...

TWO YEARS??! See, that's why it's ok to buy books sometimes. I read the last harry potter book in one day because I was so worried someone would spoil it for me. There's no way I could have waited 2 years.

Thanks for the link to the book awards! I'm checking it out.

PiggyBankBlues said...

LOL, i know. i've never read harry potter because i usually go book version OR movie version, not both, and i love the harry potter movies. but my god, m&p, one day?!? that book was enormous!

it's absolutely fun to buy books, i buy way too many- though i've been on a book buying fast this year because my shelves are overflowing.

so how does harry potter end?

Ms. M&P said...

You don't seriously want me to spoil it for you, do you??!

And yeah, I read that thing in one day. Everytime I started to think I needed a reading break, I had images of this video in my head:

I just knew someone was going to drive down the street and yell out the end, so I just stayed holed up in my apartment...and now I've revealed how much of a nerd I am...