Thursday, January 10, 2008

Airlines Cutting Flights to Pay for Fuel

If you've had the (dis)pleasure of flying recently, you're in for a not so special treat in 2008- airlines are reducing the number of flights. Why? a sane person might ask. The answer- to increase the fares of course.
    Airlines are eager to raise fares because of higher fuel costs. Each $10 increase in a barrel of oil requires the airlines to raise round-trip fares an average of $18, Mr. Baker estimated. About a year ago, oil was as low as $52 a barrel; on Wednesday, it traded at almost $96.

The problem is that we've just gotten so good at negotiating cheaper seats via the web and corporate buying in bulk that the airlines can't raise the fares in tandem with the price of oil. I say, look, I'm paying hundreds of dollars for crap travel, charge me the extra fifty bucks for the gas tank so you can remain solvent and sunny. Because chicken bus travel at 30,000 feet just isn't cutting it.

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