Wednesday, January 16, 2008


There's been a slow and steady uptick in readership the past few weeks, and PiggyBankBlues would like to welcome you to the fray. And now, I would like to commence with the blog whoring...

-- Please take a moment to subscribe in a reader via feedburner. It's pretty simple, you just click on what kind of homepage you have and it'll be added in a snap. Or you can have it sent to your inbox, in case your inbox is lonely. Some personal information, my inbox is not lonely. It is filled with vi@gRa and hot chixx.

--You can read my very first post here. Not my best work, but you get the drift.

-- Speaking of drift, I do like to drift... I can wax on (and on) about anything from saving for retirement, to the purpose of the Federal Reserve, and even send you off to other wax on'rs, like Barbara Ehrenreich's open letter to college students.

-- King Lear, Jay Z, Grandma and Grandpa, and Atlas Shrugged have absolutely nothing in common, except that sometimes I just write what tickles my fancy.

-- I'm a writer. Though you'd never know it by reading this blog's sentence structure, grammar, and missed metaphors. I'm working on a novel, but manage to find time to join the workforce regularly. I have two cats and one girlfriend, certainly not in order of importance. I love the Yankees and play fantasy baseball with an exuberance normally reserved for open bar. I'm strung out on Scrabble via Facebook. I read voraciously. I eat that way too. I love meat and hate vegetables. And for most of my life I worked the downtown Manhattan restaurant/bar scene. Somewhere along the line I figured out how to default on student loans and rack up credit card debt and couch surf for months because I didn't have an emergency fund. And then I figured out how to reverse that trend of financial wreckage, and like a smoker turned non-smoker, I've become giddy with my addiction to the healthy opposite.

So I'll end on a little kumbaya moment and welcome you with a hearty handshake. Even though I'm sure that you, like me, are simply killing time and procrastinating online before you start your really important work. But hey, even though I might cost you time I'll save you some bucks (not the least of which is the blog whoring I just did for free). So welcome to PiggyBankBlues, and I hope you enjoy the commenters as much as I do! Have fun :)

    photo of me in a Jeepney at Batad, Philippines


Ms. M&P said...

Cool photo! I've added that vehicle to my Christmas list--right under the Air.

Suzy, 24 said...

Thanks for the comments on Bookish. And good luck with the novel! I have one in my closet too... but I've gotten bored with it, so I'm sticking with short stories for now. (And y'know, occasionally working.)

PiggyBankBlues said...

m&p- i can't vouch for the MPG ratiing, but it is a fun ride...

suzy- welcome to piggy and thanks! i've taken a hiatus from the novel to complete a short story. it was getting to hard to figure out a way to submit a novel excerpt for publication in a lit mag..