Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Carnival of Money Stories: Edition #49

It’s that time of the week, Carnival of Money Stories! PiggyBankBlues is proud to be doing this for the first time, and it was a lot of fun to read some great bloggers. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

How I Save Money brings up important reasons why married couples still need separate accounts. In the meantime, I’ve Paid Twice For This Already has a great post about The Epiphany- that lightbulb moment in relationships concerning money, when the glare hurts your eyes but you finally see the picture, also shared by Iowahippiechick. Over at Being Frugal, she writes about The Evolution of My Budget, part of a series of posts on what she’s learned from her budgeting mistakes.

Me, My Kid and Life has a great post on seeing one of my favorite cities, Barcelona, on the cheap. Another favorite city, Venice, is given the frugal budget breakdown over at Less Than A Shoestring.

Stop the Ride! has The Story of Two Kitchens, breaking down when to invest in a remodel or a makeover. Speaking of kitchens, FIRE Finance shares Top 5 Ways to Trim Our Grocery Bills. Save even more money with Money Blue Book’s How to Get Free Stuff By Using Drug Store Rebates. And for those who live with truly four seasons, Free Money Finance posts on his struggle with snow The Economics of Snow Removal. As someone who grew up in Buffalo, NY pre-global warming, I can relate! College of Cash laments that Sometimes I Hate Shopping, while Make it Better makes the case to Free Yourself from American Consumerism altogether. My Family’s Money shares a personal story on why Foreclosures Are Not Cheap.

DebtFREE-Revolution has words of wisdom after making a Common Newbie Investing Mistake Meanwhile, The Financial Engineer asks a friend What would you do with $100,000?, and is stunned by the answer. The Digerati Life has an excellent post on Learning to Invest: The Education of a Long Term Investor, a ballast of information during a time of rocky economic forecasts. Living Almost Large asks Can You Be Content?, and looks at just where lifestyle and financial freedom intersect. Over at The Great Money Challenge, a case is made for Why My House Is An Asset.

But WHY Doesn’t It Grow On Trees (great blog name, btw!) got a nice present in the mail from a credit card company- Credit Magnets! Meanwhile, Diary of England points out that Britain Credit Capital of Europe, with twice as many credit cards as their European neighbors, yikes! Over at KCLau’s Money Tips, thoughts on Credit Cards: From Foes to Friends.

Head over to Fire Dog Lake for a great post on Why Financial Crises Will Keep Happening. Meanwhile, The Personal Financier asks the hard questions, like How Does It Feel Like to Lose Over $50B?

Before you knock on your Boss’ door and ask for more money, you might want to check out My Dollar Plan’s post on Negotiating a Raise. Over at Funny about Money, a blogger reveals My Bartleby: Stress as Loan Interest.

And last but not least, I leave you with a bit of poetry, The Loan Poem by Mad Kane’s Humor Blog

Lot's of great stuff, hope you enjoy :)


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