Friday, September 7, 2007

Count Me In!

toothpaste for dinner

The NY Times headlines blares "4-Year Growth in Jobs Ends; Stocks Plunge". Considering I'm unemployed, I'm not suprised. Which reminds me, I better go study for my proofreader's exam :(

Things like job growth numbers, the Fed's interest rate dance-a-thon, and the peaks and valleys of the Dow Jones might sail over some heads like a disinterested breeze, but everybody who is trying to get their financial footing needs to be aware of what's going on. Even if you just get the gist of the effect. Which today might be- Buy some shares of the Dow Jones (DJI) in your Roth IRA, everything on sale, one day only!

For a lighter read, Barbara Ehrenreich, of Nickel and Dimed fame, wrote a scathing commentary, "Welcome to Fleece U". Please pass along to your favorite collegian, or at the very least read for your own special i'm-laughing-out-loud-but-crying-on-the-inside afternoon diversion.

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