Sunday, September 30, 2007

What Would Indiana Jones Read?

Why, a 1939 edition Paideia: The Ideals of Greek Culture.

The Strand bookstore is one of my favorite places to buy books. Apparently, it's Indiana Jones' favorite as well. The current issue of The New Yorker has an article, Books in Bulk, that begins-

    "Between digging for artifacts and dangling from cliffs, Indiana Jones must have very little time to read, never mind to buy books Luckily, he has a team of people to do it for him Dr. Jones—as represented by the set decorator for the forthcoming film “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”—recently engaged the Strand Bookstore’s Books By The Foot service, which provides ready-made libraries for private homes, stores, and movie sets."

The Books By The Foot service (my new dream job) can be used for sales or rental, and there's eighteen different types of service. "Bargain Books" service nabs you random hardbacks for ten bucks a foot. A "Leather Looking" library for your bookshelves in the Hamptons will set you back seventy five bucks a foot, while the real deal "Antique Leather" is a mere four hundred dollars per foot. Egads.

I go to The Strand for bargains and the occaisional migraine, who knew you could pay money for someone to browse for you?

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