Thursday, September 27, 2007

US Stocks at a Bargain

It may have slipped my mind that there is a bright side to recent economic news, money managers view US stocks as undervalued and prime for buying. Especially US large caps (big a$$ companies=large caps). The WSJ article, Money Swings Fail to Deter Money Managers, opens-
    This summer's wild market swings didn't damp money managers' enthusiasm for U.S. stocks, according to a survey set to be released today. In fact, 28% of managers responding to Russell Investment Group's quarterly Investment Manager Outlook now believe U.S. stocks are undervalued, up from 21% three months ago."
Of course, 28% is hardly a resounding endorsement, but still. I think I'm just bummed about my puny interest rate on my savings account, and the low dollar is dragging down my super ego a bit. Who knew I had a currency complex?!

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Ms. M&P said...

I feel the exact same way. I keep feeling like I'm asking people the equivalent of, "do my dollars look too small in this?"

It's just sad. I guess I never realized how cocky I was about the dollar equaling 50,000 pesos...those were the days. I should probably go buy a really big truck with monster wheels to make myself feel better.