Friday, November 9, 2007

A Food Blog

Everybody knows that cooking dinner at home is less expensive than eating out. I've recently read a lot of posts on PF blogs that have stomach gurgling recipes, and while I'm no cook, I love to eat. So here's my contribution, courtesy of Mama Juani- The Smitten Kitchen. This mouth drooling food blog has great recipes and beautiful photos. From its site:
    "The Smitten Kitchen is 80 square feet of fourth-floor circa-1870 New York City walkup tenement building joy with a skylight on top. It has one counter, a small stove, a pot and pan rack we nabbed from a former apartment, a marginally obsessive spice rack and a grapefruit knife with actual grapefruits on the handle. My favorite things in it are a set of stainless steel measuring cups and spoons, the very first kitchen-related item I ever bought myself to cheer up a blah day, and a husband who picks at things as I chop them."

They even have a handy conversion page that lets you know things like 1 pound onion = 2½ cups sliced or chopped. And best of all, for the month of November it looks like a recipe every day! I never thought of food blogs as a great way to plan meals and shop within a food budget, but I've got my fork ready. Any other favorite food blogs out there?

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