Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Birthday

I hope everybody had a great turkey weekend!

Tommorrow is my birthday, so I probably won't post. Last year I went to Woodbury Common Outlets and had a blast. Of course, it hit my wallet a little hard, and since I just went nuts the other weekend in Northampton I thought I should avoid the urge to shop. So I think I'll have lunch at the MoMA with M, check out the exhibits, maybe go to a movie. While I love parties, I do not like parties that are about me, so I usually do something very low key.

Yesterday I went to Coney Island with M and some friends. It was so nice out, the water was this deep blue and the sky was clear. I get kind of retrospective around my b'day, and this year has been a little hard, to say the least. Nothing like a gorgeous walk along the shore to ease me into my new year. We walked the boardwalk from Coney Island to Brighton Beach and ended up eating in this grand Russian dining hall, Primorski Restaurant. The beef stroganoff was divine, well worth $12. We were there for lunch, so we missed the live music. That could be a very good or bad thing...

I was thinking soup dumplings for dinner tommorrow, any suggestions?


~Dawn said...

Happy B'day to you and many more!

hazygrey said...

I've been to Primorski for the $6 (or was it 5.50?) lunch special. Such a good deal.

For the soup noodle, I like New Wonton Garden on Mott Street. Or if you want something fancier - as soup noodles go - the pho at Le Colonial in midtown is very good.

hr_g said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful time and hope to see you soon!

PiggyBankBlues said...

thanks dawn!

great suggestions hazy, i will def. go back for that lunch special, and i jotted down new wonton & le colonial.

hr_g- where have you been, love? it is that time of year-to eat at every soup dumpling in chinatown ;)

elvis said...

Happy Birthday!!

Chinatown (the restaurant) has soup dumplings that look like little ghosts. I haven't tried them, so i don't know if they taste good, but they're cute!