Sunday, November 18, 2007

My First Christmas Shopping Spree

It wasn't on purpose, but I bought a fair amount of Christmas gifts this weekend. I went away for the weekend to visit M's folks in Springfield, MA and we drove up to Northampton. Lucky for me, it was Bag Day. I guess other towns might do this (I know NYC doesn't), but it's a cool idea. You get a bag as an insert in the local paper, and then participating stores will give you 20% off any one item. Most stores end up giving you 20% off everything. I'm a bookstore whore, and I have to admit I went in and out of every bookstore in sight. Since Northampton is a college town nestled within the recently annointed Valley of the Literate, there are some good books to be had.

I kind of like buying used books as Christmas presents. I usually get them at Housing Works, but this weekend was a boon for presents (am I the only one that gives recycled presents??). I ended up getting bags and bags of books, only 3 of which were for me. I'd write more, but I have to go read some books now.


gildedbutterfly said...

You should add me to your Christmas list, since I love GETTING used books for Christmas. ;)

Seriously, no one in my family understands why, but I LOVE used books. I always add some books to my list, request them used, and get them new b/c my family thinks it's cheap. But used books are so much better--they have that magical "used book smell," and there's no telling what notes you'll find in the margins. There's a history to each used books...Oh, I'm going on again! :)

Ms. M&P said...

I love bookstores...they make me hemorrhage money, but in a good way. Your gift recipients are lucky!

PiggyBankBlues said...

thanks, ladies ;)

gilded- i love used books, too. i just like the idea of passing around a well read/love book.

m&p- yes, i just go into a bookstore and hand them my wallet...