Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Plant Sale

Roof decks, stoops, window boxes, fire escapes, the ledge of a kitchen window, the occasional backyard- this is gardening New York City style and 'tis the season. If digging the dirt is your thing, head on over to Brooklyn Botanic Garden's 2008 Plant Sale (and for those who don't live in NYC, almost all botanical gardens host plant sales, so check out your local one for some great deals).

Yes, it's crowded, but it's worth it. They have a lot of plants, and of course there's the wealth of info; from the silver haired ladies in the gardening club who are volunteering their time to tell you that the wind on a roof deck will kill that gorgeous plant in your hands, to the greenhouse reps who are there to give you more information on the dozen varieties of hot pepper plants. Trust me, those volunteers have saved my plants, from our basil plants that wilted the whole summer (too much direct light, they need partial shade) to our tomato plants that never really grew un-rotten tomatoes (put them indoors at night until the temperature stops dropping). Of course, if all you need is a plant in the bathroom and advice on how not to kill it (yet again), it's still a pretty fun experience. There are lots of free events throughout the day, and they take cash, credit cards, and checks.

So grab a little red wagon on your way in, and head on over to the green thumb extravaganza, maybe even check out Murakami next door. Not only is the plant sale cheaper than Home Depot, it's a helluva lot prettier.

Today, Tuesday May 6th 4:30-8pm
Members Only (membership may be purchased at door- a good idea for serious gardeners)

Wednesday May 7th 9am-7pm
Thursday May 8th 9am-Noon

General Admission

Adults $8
Students (with ID) & Seniors $4

2/3 Eastern Pkwy
Q, B Prospect Park

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