Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Radio New York and KEXP

I'm a little slow on the uptick, because it made news last February, but this morning I discovered Radio New York's and KEXP's Radio Liberation. Hipsters, and those who listen to the same music anyways, rejoice. 91.5 FM weekday mornings.

I just woke up, fiddled with the dial, realized I didn't have the radio plugged in right (that would help), so I pulled out one plug and some funky song came on. Then I listened to Clap Your Hands followed by Talking Heads and was beside myself with aural joy. And I hadn't even gotten out of bed yet.

Now, I'm no big fan of on-the-dial radio stations in NYC. Besides public radio and major label hip hop (both of which I like, but not exclusively), it's shocking that a city with such a vibrant music scene has such arid air waves. Sure, WFMU and WBGO are great, good luck getting reception.

So what is Radio New York 91.5 FM? It's an NYC government radio station. They do things like cover NYC high school sports and Brazilian music shows. KEXP 90.3 FM is a member supported radio station based in Seattle that I've streamlined for years, as do millions of other listeners. They also sponsor a lot of NYC shows. So KEXP.org joined forces with Radio New York 91.5 FM to air several programs.

Weekday programming info from Radio New York's website:

Wake Up, airing 6AM to 9AM, is a three-hour morning drive show featuring an eclectic mix of music, hosted by Kevin Cole of KEXP.

John in the Morning airs 9AM to noon as a simulcast of the long running KEXP variety mix show hosted by John Richards.

MoGlo, broadcasting from 12AM to 1AM, is a nightly modern global show with a music mix from the streets of New York and around the world, hosted by premier DJs, including Darek Mazzone of KEXP.

So turn your morning dial to 91.5 FM and enjoy. And for those not in NYC, and those who want music 24/7, just head on over to KEXP's site and streamline or podcast their music. And best of all, it's free!

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starlette said...

Yay! I discovered it last week. duh. I love the world music segment. I have not listened to the radio in years because the stations basically all sucked. internet radio was the option. kexp rocks! thanks