Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mapquesting Cheap Gas

Well, you might as well add Mapquest Gas Prices to your to-do list the next time you budget your commute or your summer road trip plans.

Type in a zip code, etc. and a map will pop up with local gas stations and their gas prices. While it doesn't alleviate the sticker shock, it's not such a bad idea to penny pinch at the pump whenever you can.

Speaking of which, I applied for a BP Visa card and got one. Actually two, since M and I share the car. It's 10% cash back for the first 60 days, which will cover our summer travel, and then 5% thereafter. Unfortunately, at non-BP stations it's only 2%, but anything to get me close/under $4 per gallon. Of course, there's a million BP stations near me, and none in Maine or Cape Cod...

Other gas station price sites (not quite as intuitive to navigate, IMO):


SavingDiva said...

I like, but I've been noticing that by the time I get to a station the prices has already increased! :(

Jerry said...

There is a BP station in Maine. It's in Biddeford. We ended up selling one of our cars to cut down our costs on fuel and insurance. It's made a difference although we've had to be a lot more creative about driving around.